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Review of Forex Assassin system - I made 3 trades yesterday using this system

In the last post I mentioned that I made close to 55 pips ($550) in my last trade using Forex Assassin system. Well, the next thing to find out was how reliable is this strategy? Can it work in all market sessions such as British, Asian and US sessions? Can it work in on all the currency pairs?

To find out, yesterday I made 3 trades using the formula given in the course..(Let me tell you that the formula given in the Forex Assassin course really cuts down the time you need to identify and make a trade)

The 1st trade was on EUR/USD, the 2nd on GBP/USD and 3rd on NZD/USD. Of these I made NZD/USD trade in Asian session. I opened and closed tha trades preciously as per the price points that the formula in the system gave. I watched my trades go live and close.

Here is interesting part -. Out of the 3 trades made, one clossed (EUR/USD) with a loss!! Yes, it closed witha loss of 22 pips.

BUT, the other 2 made huge profits (57 and 71 pips).

So in  all I ended up with PROFIT of 106 PIPS ($1060) using the Forex Assassin system. This system really seems to work.

I am maintaining my trading journal for the trades I make through this new strategy and am also noting down the time this new system is taking for me to identify and place the trades. So far per trade I am spending close to only 15-20 min. But I am sure this will come down to 5-6 min per trade once I become more used to this Forex Assassin system

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What is Forex Assassin system all About - My review

The Forex Assassin system is claimed to be a system that requires hardly 1 minute per week to make high pips or high profits.

I bought the system today and went through it. Initially I was a little doubtful as to how can a system require less than 5 min per week to understand entry and exit points. Rest of the stystems require atleast 2-3 hrs per day to find a trade that can be made.

But once I started going through the ebook, it became clearer as to why people say that Forex Assassin is simplest of all systems in the market. Its very nicely explained with very easy language..

The ebook kept me involved for 3 straight hours. It no point was the interest dropped. Also, the system comes with a very interesting strategy which is price driven. I was so excited after reading the Forex Assassin material that after going through it I decided to put it into use immediately. I looked at the chart of GBP/USD, took the price points of GBP/USD currency pair and entered on the formula that comes with the package and placed a trade with in next 30 min. (At 3 AM in the morning!!).

At that point I was still nervous, can the system really work? Anyways there was a money back guarantee. so If it does not work, I thought I'll ask for the refund.

But guess what I made a healthy 55 pips profit on my first trade using the strategy mentioned in Forex Assassin. I could have made 82 ($820) pips as the system suggested, but I was scared that I would lose the 55 pips, so I closed the trade quickly 

Not bad for a new system..right?:-)

Like I mentioned One of the huge benefit I felt of this course is that it is very easy to understand and also one can place a trade immediately like I did. Also, the Forex Assassin system can be used by people of all experience levels including experts and beginners.

So if you are looking for a good and reliable Forex Trading system, then you can definitely go for this system. And its much cheaper as compared to lot of other packages in the market.

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